Friday, May 30, 2014

The First Seventh

Union BG Thomas A Morris
The 7th Indiana Infantry was sent to Grafton, Virginia on May 30th 1861, and just four days later was in battle.

The 7th Indiana Infantry was organized in Indianapolis, Indiana in April 1861 as a three month regiment.  The men were shipped to Grafton, Virginia on May 30th 1861.  On June 3rd 1861 the men of the 7th took part the Battle of Philippi, one of the first battles of the Civil War.

The men of the 7th were placed in Union Major General George B McClellan’s Army of West Virginia, in Brigadier General Thomas A Morris’ Indiana Brigade.  They would see almost continuous action from July 6th through 17th 1861 at the Battles of Laurel Hill, Belington, Corrick’s Ford and in the pursuit of Confederate Brigadier General Robert S Garnett’s troops.

The 7th mustered out of service on August 2nd 1861.  The 7th was reorganized on September 13th 1861 in Indianapolis, Indiana into a three year regiment.  The original 7th had one man killed in action and two who died from disease.

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