Saturday, March 8, 2014

Connecticut Men

The 29th Connecticut Infantry was mustered into Union service March 8th 1864.

Recruitment for the 29th Connecticut Infantry, an African American unit, began on August 11th 1863, and continued through to the end of the year.  Due to a lack of officers they weren’t mustered into Union service until March 8th 1864.  The former Lieutenant Colonel of the 20th Connecticut Infantry; Colonel William B Wooster was place in command of the 29th.  The ladies of New Haven, Connecticut presented the men with a regimental flag just before they left for Annapolis, Maryland.

The men received their Springfield muskets on April 6th 1864.  Three days later they were assigned to the IV Corps and sent to Hilton Head, South Carolina.  By August the men of the 29th found themselves in the trenches in front of Petersburg, Virginia.  On September 29th 1864 they were engaged in the taking of Fort Harrison about seven miles from Richmond.  They were holding the line at Fort Harrison on the afternoon of April 2nd 1865 when they watched last Confederate dress parade.  The 29th was among the first Union troops to enter Richmond after the Confederates evacuated the city.

On April 18th 1865 the 29th sailed to Point Lockout, Maryland, where they guarded Confederate prisoners of war until May 28th 1865.  They then sailed  to Brazos de Santiago, Texas on July 3rd 1865, marching to Brownsville, Texas where they served out their duty until ordered back to Connecticut for mustering out on October 14th 1865.

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