Monday, September 23, 2013

Sent Back ToThe South Carolina Coast

The USS Stettin an iron steamship achieved it fourth naval victory September 23rd 1863 against the CSS Diamond.

The Stettin was built in Sunderland, England 1861.  She was an iron screw steamship and weighted in at 480 tons.

The USS Bienville a side wheel steamer captured the Stettin on May 24th 1862, as it was attempting to run the Union blockade north of Charleston, South Carolina.  The Stettin was loaded with lead, quinine, saltpeter and other cargo from the Bahamas.  She was taken by the New York Prize Court, purchased by the Union Navy on September 4th 1862; she was commission the USS Stettin and placed under the command of Master Edward F Devens.

The Stettin was assigned to the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, and was sent back down to the South Carolina coast.  Her first capture was the Aries on March 28th 1863.  Then came the steamers the St John’s and the Havelock, the second of these was set on fire.  The Stettin then achieved a fourth victory on September 23rd 1863 against the steamer to CSS Diamond.

When the war was over the USS Stettin was decommissioned at the Boston Navy Yard April 6th 1865.  She was sold to Richard Baker Jr at public auction June 22nd 1865 and renamed the Sheridan.  She was stranded September 24th 1866 and lost.

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