Tuesday, July 2, 2013

North Cavarly Field

The Battle of Hunterstown was a small cavalry batter fought July 2nd 1863 as a part of the Gettysburg Campaign.

With the Union Army deployed facing the Confederate Army near Gettysburg they both had cavalry patrolling their flanks.  On July 2nd 1863 Confederate Major General JEB Stuart finally rejoined the Army of Northern Virginia.  Stuart ordered General Wade Hampton’s brigade to cover the army’s left.  Hampton posted his men astride the Hunterstown Road about four miles northeast of Gettysburg protecting the Confederate Army from being flanked.  Union Brigadier General Judson Kilpatrick moved two divisions commanded by Brigadier Generals George Armstrong Custer and Elon Farnsworth to far right of the Union army.  Their orders were to find the left flank of the Confederate line.

The two sides met on the Hunterstown Road and a battle started.  Hampton had his men posted a ridge and was ready to charge Custer.  Then Farnsworth arrived and Hampton held his men.  There opened a duel of artillery which lasted until dark, when Hampton drew off towards Gettysburg.

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