Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Indian Home Guard Fight

The Battle of Locust Grove was fought July 3rd 1862 in Mayes County, Oklahoma and included the First Regiment of the Indian Home Guard.

In the early morning of July 3rd 1862 about 250 Union troops under the command of Colonel William Weer attacked a Confederate unit led by Colonel James J Clarkson in what became the Battle of Locust Grove.  Weer’s men were made up of the 9th Kansas Cavalry and the 1st Regiment of the Indian Home Guard.  The Confederate didn’t put much of fight, and made a fighting retreat, hotly pursued by Weer’s soldiers.

The Union had three men killed and six wounded in the fight.  The Confederates had about 100 casualties and about another 100 including Clarkson were captured.  Those Confederates who escaped ran back to Tahlequah, Oklahoma which caused desertions among the Cherokee supporters.


SteveG said...

I have heard of the Indian Home Guard but not a great deal. Thanks for posting. Your post on Colonel Jackson was also interesting. I must admit I missed reading your blog the last couple of days and see that I missed some great stuff!

Anonymous said...

I like your blog. Good content. Do you mind telling me who you are? I'm compiling a list of serious Civil War bloggers and you'd be on my list. I will share more info after I'm done researching.


Kraig McNutt

LivingInVermont said...

Thanks for the nice comments Steve and Tellinghistory. I'm sorry about not posting the last couple of days, I was in a place where I can't get on line. You'll be seeing new post again.