Friday, May 4, 2012

Made Up Of Mississippi Students

The “University Greys” joined the 11th Mississippi Infantry as Company A on May 4th 1861.

The “University Greys” were made up mostly of students of the University of Mississippi.  All but four of enrolled students; 135 men joined the Greys in 1861.  They formed Company A and on May 4th 1861 became a part of the 11th Mississippi Infantry.  The Greys took part in the assault on the Union line at Gettysburg as part of Pickett’s Charge.  They penetrated far into the Union line, but in doing so endured casualties of every member being either killed or wounded.  After Gettysburg there were so few of the Greys left that they were merged into Company G, known as the “Lamar Rifles”.  There were members of the Greys still fighting when Confederates surrendered.


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