Monday, April 23, 2012

Last East Of The Mississippi

John T Croxton
The Battle of Munford, Alabama fought April 23rd 1865, was the last battle of the Civil War to take place east of the Mississippi River.

The Battle of Munford occurred on April 23rd 1865.  It was a part of a raid through Alabama taken on by Union Cavalry under the command of General John T Croxton.  The Confederates which Croxton’s men came up against were made up mostly of home guards, convalescents and deserters known as “Hill’s Layouts”.  They numbered about 150, and they were led in the battle by Confederate General Benjamin Jefferson Hill.  The Confederates had two cannon placed on Academy Hill, which Lieutenant Lewis E Parsons managed to fire twice before being overrun by the Union troops.

The battle produced three deaths, one Confederate and two Union.

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