Sunday, October 23, 2011

They Served Well Past The Nine Months

The Second Nebraska Cavalry was organized October 23rd 1862.

The 2nd Nebraska Cavalry was formed as a nine month regiment in Omaha, Nebraska on October 23rd 1862.  There were 1,384 men in the Second.  They saw action in the Indian wars in Western Nebraska and the Dakotas under Union General Alfred Sully.  The Second took part in the Battle of White Stone Hill on September 3rd 1863.  Sully’s troops battled somewhere near 2,000 Yankton Sioux, including Chief Two Bears.  During this fight 7 men from the Second were killed and 14 wounded.

Although the men of the Second were enlisted as nine month men they served over a year.   The regiment mustered out of service on December 23rd 1863.  Many of the men of the Second re-enlisted in the 1st Nebraska Cavalry, and served out the rest of the war.

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