Saturday, October 9, 2010

An Island Surprised

The Battle of Santa Rosa Island on October 9th 1861 was attempt to take the Union held Fort Pickens.

Santa Rosa Island about thirty miles from Alabama is a barrier island belonging to Florida. Fort Pickens was located on the western side of the island and in fall of 1861 was under the command of Union Colonel Harvey Brown of the 5th artillery, and Colonel William Wilson with the 6th New York Volunteer. Just after midnight on October 9th 1861 Confederate Brigadier General Richard Anderson with twelve hundred men landed on the beach about four mile east of Fort Pickens. Anderson divided his command into three columns, and marched about three miles. They surprised the 6th New York who were routed. Anderson set up in a defensive position hoping to draw the Union command out of Fort Pickens. Brown received reinforcements, and the Confederate left the island and returned to the mainland.

The Union saw 14 killed, 29 wounded and 24 missing. The Confederate reported losses of 30 to 40 men. General Anderson was severely wounded.

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