Thursday, August 26, 2010

The General, The America's Cup

A railroad executive, yachtsman and Union General Charles Jackson Paine was born August 26th 1833 in Boston Massachusetts. He graduated in 1853 from Harvard, and made a nice fortune with the railroad.

With the beginning of the Civil War in 1861 Paine became a Captain in the 22nd Massachusetts Infantry. The next year in October 1862 he was commissioned a Colonel in the African American 2nd Louisiana Volunteers. Paine resigned his commission March 4th 1864 and went back to Massachusetts.  In July 1864 Paine re-entered the service as a Brigadier General, and he led a division of black troops at New Market Height, and during both expeditions against Fort Fisher, and the Battle of Wilmington.

Following the war he was the district commander of New Berne, and he arranged the return of Robert Gould Shaw’s sword to his family.  During his latter years Paine developed an interest in yachting. He owned several yachts which brought home the America’s Cup from British challengers. He died August 12th 1916.

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