Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The First Sub

The Confederate’s submarine the CSS H L Hunley sunk the USS Housatonic February 17th 1864.

The Confederates hadn’t had good luck with submarines. Several inventors and their crews had died in the process of creating the CSS H L Hunley. On February 17th 1864 the Hunley attacked the United States sloop the USS Housatonic, which was part of the Union blockade in the Charleston harbor. Using a bomb attached to a long spar on the front, the Hunley rammed into the Housatonic as she was trying to slip anchor and back up. The bomb exploded the Housatonic’s magazine and the sloop sank in five minutes with five of her crew. This made the CSS Hunley the first submarine to sink an enemy ship. The Hunley also sank killing her 8 crew members including Lieutenant George E Dixon.

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