Thursday, September 3, 2009

The War In The West

While the war was being fought in the East, there was another war beginning in the West; the Indian Wars which would continue for the next 3 decades.

On September 3rd 1863 the Battle of White Stone Hill took place. White Stone Hill is located about 23 miles southeast of Kulm, Dickey Co, ND. The Sioux Chief Inkpaduta and US Commander Brigadier General Alfred Sully were the two principal leaders, in the battle. Gen Sully entered the Dakota Territory as part of a military mission to punish those Native Americans who were believed to be involved in the 1862 Indian uprisings in Minnesota. The 6th Iowa Cavalry led by Col Albert House, came on a camp of Yankton, Dakota, Hunkpapa, and Sihasapa Lakota Sioux containing about 400 lodges, at about 3 pm on the afternoon of September 3rd 1863. They informed Gen Sully who brought up his men and surrounded the camp. A battle broke out, with the Sioux eventually being overwhelmed. There were about 750 Indian casualties mostly women and children, and 72 US Soldiers. Sully’s men completely destroyed the camp, probably causing many more deaths during the long winter that followed.

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