Thursday, February 19, 2009

Train Wreck

At about three pm on the 19th of February 1863, the train the “Mississippi Southern” left the depot in Meridian, MS. The train was loaded with Confederate soldiers headed to the Battle of Vicksburg. As the train crossed a bridge over the Chunky River near the town of Hickory, MS, the train wrecked. [Please note this not an image of the Chunky River wreck] Forty plus passengers of the one hundred on the train where killed do to the speed of the impact and being trapped under the wreckage [I‘ve seen causality numbers from 40 to 93]. The CSA 1st Choctaw Battalion, under General Arnold Spann; which had been recently organized, led the rescue and recovery. Many of those rescued owed their lives to these men, who strip off their clothes and dove into the icy water. The next morning, bodies and cargo were recovered from the flooded river. Many of those who died in the tragic crash were buried on a farm a few miles from Hickory.

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