Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Ivys

On the 8th of November 1861 in Floyd Co, KY the Battle of Ivy Mountain [aka Ivy Creek or Ivy Narrows] was fought.

The Confederates under Col John Stuart Williams were in Kentucky recruiting. They were running short on ammunition while at Prestonsburg,KY and so went to replenish their supply at Pikeville,KY. The Union General William “Bull” Nelson started out from Prestonsburg with a large number of troops in the attempt to intercept the Rebels. Col Williams hoping to gain time to evacuate to Virginia, sent out a force of cavalry to meet the Union force.

The two opposing forces came together northeast of Pikeville in-between Ivy Creek and Ivy Mountain. The Confederates surprised the Federal soldiers at a narrow point in the road, firing upon the bottled up ranks. During lulls in the fighting the Rebels felled tree into the road and burnt bridges, to slow up the movement of Gen Nelson’s men. With night coming, the obstruction, and a rain beginning to fall the Union troops settled into camp for the night. Col Williams used the time to retreat into Abingdon,VA.

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